What I love about mornings.... the chance to start all over :)


What I love about mornings.... the chance to start all over :)

I woke this morning with a new sense of purpose. I made a promise to myself to reconnect spiritually with the Universe and my Divine purpose. I also promised myself that I will let go and 'prune' energies, people, habits and things, that do not serve me well or do not look after my spirit properly.

You see, the past year has been an emotional roller coaster, and probably the hardest year of my life. At times it was also one of the best years.  Business has been growing and for the first time in my life.. I LOVE my 'job'. I use the term, job, lightly. I used to have jobs, where I would go to work, get paid and get not one ounce of satisfaction from it. But last year, I started my own company and I've loved every moment of it. My clients are superb! They are the most interesting and special people, and I'm grateful to be of service to them.

Another great moment was to  fulfill the dream of creating a tarot deck that will be published. Not only did I finish creating the tarot deck, A King's Journey Tarot, but I realized I enjoyed it so much, that I plan to create more decks. I even have some in the works! Super exciting for me!

However, true to life as it is, up times are countered with down times.. and those down times affected me in a very negative way. You see, when you have some emotionally great times with someone, and then are later told that what you shared with someone was based in a lie, that has a profound affect on you and your trust in people. It's hard to understand why someone chooses to lie, or play with your feelings. It could be that they don't understand their own feelings, but couldn't look outside themselves enough to understand the affect their actions have on loved ones. Perhaps I am taken for granted, or not appreciated, or because I am consistently present in good energy, I am not valued. You know, much in the way we don't value the air we breathe, or the sun shining on us.. because we expect it to always be there, supporting us. But without it, our lives would not be joyful or fulfilling, and we would die.

I could sit here all day and list all the reasons in the world, but it would never dull the painful scars it left on my heart. What I can do, however, is look at what this teaches me about the person and about myself. I can also change what I CAN control (which is not the other person).   Learn the lesson from the experience and move forward, which is exactly what I am going to do!

I realize that I allowed myself to sink into the pain, which became my focus. THERE is a lesson learned! My focus should have been to stay on my goals and all the positive things in my life. I subsequently gained weight, became depressed, and non-productive. YUCK!  

Today, with clarity and renewed value in my spirit, I CHOOSE to stay focused on my well being and my business. I vow to allow myself to step out of my shell and embrace all the beautiful souls that I have come to know and adore. I will allow myself to expand and grow spiritually and emotionally. I will let go of issues that affect me physically, and focus on feeling alive and living a healthy lifestyle. I will open myself up to  living optimistically and being fun and embrace whomever wants to live in the same energy as me (as I did before I allowed myself to focus on the wrong energy). I also vow to prune that which doesn't serve me well.  Most importantly, I will be more transparent and open in my business and allow everyone to get to know me on a personal level, so you can know who Chanel REALLY is :)

What promise did you make to yourself this morning?