Can't Take a Compliment?


I have overcome many difficult situations in my life.  I have learned some very harsh lessons, but surprisingly.. one of the hardest things I've learned was how to take a compliment. Hard to believe... I know!  But very true. 

I hadn't really thought about it much, until today. Someone that I hold very dear to my heart was struggling with a compliment that I paid to him. Instead of saying thank you, he lashed out at me.  This got me to thinking, how many people really do have difficulty receiving compliments.

I want you to ask yourself these questions..

Do you ever get uncomfortable when someone compliments you?

Do you wonder if a compliment really means something sarcastic?

Do you wonder if the compliment was a lie?

Do you give out heart felt compliments?

I'm sure there are situations or people that have made us feel uncomfortable from time to time, on the rare occasion. But,  what I'm talking about is when you are feeling awkward more often than not. If so, then you may have a problem with self worth or trust. I say this, because there is a block there that keeps you from accepting the compliment. It is in direct conflict with what we believe we deserve to hear.

Even so, rest assured that it doesn't always have to be that way!  I want to challenge you to practice this exercise when you feel uncomfortable with a compliment.

When someone pays you a compliment.. embrace it with a smile and say thank you. It's that simple! If you find it hard to embrace, look at it logically. Does the person have any reason to lie to you or harm you by giving the compliment?  Have they anything to gain from giving the compliment?  Most of the time the answer will be no.  If there is an issue with someone trying to butter you up unnecessarily or being sarcastic, don't be afraid to address that with them in a very logical (and grounded) manner.

If you've concluded that in their heart of hearts they were just paying you a compliment, by all means embrace the compliment and take it deep down inside of you. Allow it to meld with you and be filed away as 'proof' that you ARE deserving of that compliment.

Compliments shouldn't imply anything other than exactly what is meant. When it's time to give a compliment, make sure they are deserved and heart felt. This allows for the sanctity of  energy return to maintain its integrity.

A compliment is praise with no ulterior motive. It simply is what it is. It is energy being directed to you as you had sent it out before. It is only being reflected off of the person whom is handing the compliment back to you. When you projected the positive energy.. it went out to affect others. To hear it come back to you is a blessing that you should embrace !

So, the next time you receive the compliment, just take a step back and let it sit with you.. and simply say, ' thank you', knowing that you just received gratitude for what you have already given to the world.

The Universe Does Give Us Signs....


It's really true!  The Universe gives us signs, but, only when we are paying attention, do we get the benefit and reassurance from them.

Let me tell you my story..

Over the weekend, I was toying with the idea of entering into coaching program with Elizabeth Genco Purvis, The Marketing Goddess. She is phenomenal !  She has been my coach for some time and I have grown so much through her system. This new program is one that I KNEW in my gut that I had to participate in. The only thing stopping me was that I wasn't sure I could afford it. Yuck.. isn't that always it?  But then I would hear  my mind ask.. Can you afford NOT to do this?  umhm.. exactly!  I knew it was the right step and the next step for my business and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.   I made my payment which wiped out my bank account.   I've never made such a bold decision  with my finances before...

I had lit a green candle that morning .. and spend a few hours pondering this program. About ten minutes after I grabbed hold of my opportunity.. my daughter says.. ' Mom, look at the candle'.  Wow!  I couldn't believe it. The wick had folded over in such a way that it looked like a tree.  My older daughter exclaimed.. ' Mom, it looks like a money tree'. That's it!  I truly believe it to be a sign that I made the right decision.. and everything will be okay.  In all honesty, I know it was the right decision, but comforting to know that financially, everything will be okay. I felt the shift in my life, and I have to say, the Universe has provided. I feel so blessed and full of gratitude !

What I want to ask of you.. over the next week, see how many signs you get from the Universe. It could be anything, a smell, a picture in melted candle wax, a song on the radio, etc.  Don't expect to see the sign in order for it to prove itself....just pay attention and see what signs come your way this week!  Feel free to note them here ..

Blessings unto you!

Creating... Such a Lovely Word!


Ace of WandsCreating .... now there is a wonderful word!  Have you ever really felt the power in creating?  Today has been a lovely day for that. I've felt it before, but not quite in the way I feel it today. Maybe that's because it's been a hard week for me. Okay, in truth, it's been a few challenging months. 

Today inspiration has come and I'm moving forward again. Creating is what moves energy. Creating is what inspires. Creating is what makes us feel alive! 

My new business model is beginning to take shape. This is VERY exciting, because I'll be offering more exciting services that will give you practical techniques to bring fulfillment and abundance into your life like you have never felt before! 

James is creating again too..  He is preparing for you a fun way to get in touch with your inner child and BE creative! 

I'm incredibly excited about what we have created, with you in mind, and can't wait until we are able to share our gifts with you! 

But until then, put a little more energy into your life.. and get busy..  creating! 

'Til Death Do We.... Live?


Today I pulled a card and it seems so appropriate to how I'm feeling about life in general today. Okay, in truth, the past few weeks. I pulled the Death card.

Death, now there it is. It's been a really scary ordeal for me to just let go. Let go of fears, insecurities and the fantasies about what I thought my life ought to be if only things would go the way that I KNOW they should go. Funny thing about life, it doesn't always listen to us.. or does it? Perhaps it listens more to the fears, because we put more energy into those little fears and negative voices that live inside our heads rather than put energy towards creating our own happiness.

Take a look at our Fool card there. I love the way James illustrated it, exactly as I had intended. He captured that stunned and scared dear in the headlights look that people get when they are just know they are being dragged along into something they swear is going to kill them. That's how I feel right now at this time in my life! I know something HUGE is coming, BIG changes and I'm being pulled along without my understanding nor want to. But, at the same time, there is a part of me that is curious to see what happens. How will I change? What will my transformation look like?

Looking at my life right now, I notice a pattern of changes and near chaos that takes place every time the card of Death and its warning of letting go comes into my life. I really don't want to acknowledge the possibility of having to let things go that are comfortable for me. The Hanged Man that comes right before this card reminds me that life has been too comfortable and I've become too comfortable in my circumstances. Even if they are not good for me, or the situation doesn't help me grow, I've become way too accustomed to it. I play the middle ground and keep the peace so that I can go on, but unfortunately, that also keeps me in a place where I watch life pass me by.. and right now, I'm so done letting it pass me by! I want to live! That's the thing about Death.. it makes us face our own mortality. So I ponder, to myself, my own mortality and what I would like to accomplish before the time comes that I will have to shed my body from my spirit. What am I really leaving behind becomes the REAL question.

Have you ever asked yourself that question ? When Death comes into the picture.. ask yourself, What are you REALLY letting go of?

Are you letting go of the fears that keep you from moving forward? or..

Are you letting go of a future because you are afraid to let go of the fears?