Resolutions and Revelations....

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Today is the the second day this year that I have felt completely collected and back in focus. You know that feeling where you have allowed life to pull you off track and then you crashed and burned before you realized how far off track you really were?  That's me since the end of November. I got caught up in emotional traps of other people, and didn't take care and nurture my spirit. Physically, I fell sick, and then mentally I crumbled until I emotionally came crashing down.

I learned a very valuable lesson through all of that, that I'd like to share. Fatigue, illness, and moodiness can be symptomatic of allowing our vibrational energies to fall way too low. Not taking care to keep toxic things out of our lives. For me, negative energies pulled on me and I wasn't mindful to sweep those away and work at keeping an elevated vibrational level. I've come to realize it is very essential to the human spirit. I'll talk more about how to increase your vibrational levels over the next few weeks, when I share tips on how I overcame some emotionally low points in my life, and raised my vibrations and got myself back on right track!   So please, stayed tuned in and watching for that!

But now, after a good cleansing, detoxifying my energy, grounding and eating healthy, I've begun to feel rejuvenated again!  My focus is back, and clarity is here!

Ace of Swords.. Ahh...  Mental Clarity. Here's a picture from A King's Journey..

It shows us that allowing ourselves to express our feelings within the boundaries of respect and honesty can give way to a new found path of freedom.  Freedom to think clearly and cut through any mental trappings that can stop us in our path. Inspiration and focus can take us to knew heights and gain a better perspective than we would have had, if we stayed low in the valleys when times are rough. Focus can see us through depressive times when we've become so emotionally involved in something, we lost sight of the goal.

Such a lesson that I learned over this past week. I'm refocused on my business, making plans and tighting up my business model. I feel great about some changes that you will start to see.  One, is that I plan to keep in touch with everyone by writing on my blog, twittering and facebook postings.  I am excited to inform you that I have been working on my newsletter and changed its name to Everyday Divination. I hope I can bring you useful divinatory tips that you can use in your everyday life. For the lay person and the professional alike and the best part.. FREE to anyone that wants to sign up for it.

I really feel that this is going to be a huge year for me, in particularly with business. As you may, or may not know, James and I have finished designing and illustrating the deck, A King's Journey. I am now working on the book and also raising money for the printing costs. Yes, I am self publishing! :)   If this can happen before April, I am hoping to plan a trip to the United Kingdom this summer.  We hope to be able to sign copies of our deck and give readings in various locations around the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Anyone that would like to donate or invest in this project, please email me.. We would appreciate any help that we can get with funding the printing. :)

In conjunction with that, I am raising my rates on February 15, 2010. I'll fill you in more on that later.

I'm very excited about everything that is going on right now and the plans that are to come in the future!  Don't forget, I'm still offering phone readings at reasonable rates on my site, I look forward to reading for you soon!


Chanel x