The Universe Does Give Us Signs....

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It's really true!  The Universe gives us signs, but, only when we are paying attention, do we get the benefit and reassurance from them.

Let me tell you my story..

Over the weekend, I was toying with the idea of entering into coaching program with Elizabeth Genco Purvis, The Marketing Goddess. She is phenomenal !  She has been my coach for some time and I have grown so much through her system. This new program is one that I KNEW in my gut that I had to participate in. The only thing stopping me was that I wasn't sure I could afford it. Yuck.. isn't that always it?  But then I would hear  my mind ask.. Can you afford NOT to do this?  umhm.. exactly!  I knew it was the right step and the next step for my business and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.   I made my payment which wiped out my bank account.   I've never made such a bold decision  with my finances before...

I had lit a green candle that morning .. and spend a few hours pondering this program. About ten minutes after I grabbed hold of my opportunity.. my daughter says.. ' Mom, look at the candle'.  Wow!  I couldn't believe it. The wick had folded over in such a way that it looked like a tree.  My older daughter exclaimed.. ' Mom, it looks like a money tree'. That's it!  I truly believe it to be a sign that I made the right decision.. and everything will be okay.  In all honesty, I know it was the right decision, but comforting to know that financially, everything will be okay. I felt the shift in my life, and I have to say, the Universe has provided. I feel so blessed and full of gratitude !

What I want to ask of you.. over the next week, see how many signs you get from the Universe. It could be anything, a smell, a picture in melted candle wax, a song on the radio, etc.  Don't expect to see the sign in order for it to prove itself....just pay attention and see what signs come your way this week!  Feel free to note them here ..

Blessings unto you!