The Hanged Man's Journey

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I didn't know what to type for today's Blog post, so I drew a card out of my new deck, A King's Journey, to see what would spark my intuition!  The lucky card is the Hanged Man.

I was told, not too long ago, that my Hanged Man was, ' the happiest Hanged Man I've ever seen'. lol.. and indeed, it is. The reason I designed it that way, is because I see this card, in relation to the Fool's Journey, as a lad that is really happy and comfortable where he is at this point in his life. He's so comfortable that he doesn't really want to know what possibilities lie before him..... he only knows he doesn't want to go back and relive what he's just been through, nor does he feel he's ready to go forward. He's happy just to sit there and let time pass.

In the Journey of the Fool, he is between the Five of Cups and the Six of Pentacles. He is in a place where he can watch what's going on around him without being involved. No one will bother him by asking silly questions, or pester him with *this* obligation or *that* responsibility. He can blissfully hang from his perch and watch the clouds go by and ignore the images he saw in the Five of Pentacles puddle.. and if he is quiet enough..  he doesn't have to move forward and have people wanting something from him, or live up to something he's not ready to offer of himself, as is suggested by the Six of Pentacles.

I'm sure many of us can relate back to a time when we lost all hope (five of cups) and we KNOW we didn't want to return back to the way things were, but we just couldn't go on and give of ourselves quite yet. We needed that little break, to refocus our energies and rejuvenate our spirit so we could see things in the right perspective.

My life has been a bit like that lately. I felt as if I had lost everything that I loved and placed so much of my hope and future in.  My reality came down around me, and I felt like the sun was setting on a dream that I had had for a long time. Inside, I felt like I could scream! Taking a breather with the Hanged Man was very nice, and now I'm able to give back to clients and loved ones that are grateful for my presence, knowledge and skills. Likewise, I can see things through the eyes of a new perspective and I am so appreciative of the value that my business and my clients add to my life.  I learned that valuable relationships can be found outside of a loving relationship with a significant other.

This is a fantastic lesson I learned, however, there is another meaning to this Hanged Man that I see play out in my life at times. It doesn't have as much to do with me, as it does with someone whom is very important to me. In this case, I believe the Hanged Man represents that comfortable spot in which he is so comfortable, he either doesn't want to or can't change his life for anyone or anything.

This is that type of thinking where.. you know, the guy that won't get a job, won't go out of his way unless it serves him, and wants everyone to do things for him? He has every excuse in the world as to *why* he can't do anything and we should all realize this?  In reality.. He's one of the happiest people on the planet!  He has no reason to get down from that branch.. because many of us allow him to stay up there.

The saddest thing about this, is that he is sacrificing a lot in that line of thinking. He sacrifices friends, loved ones and even his own freedom. He is in a suspended frame of mine that doesn't allow for his feet to be planted on the ground. No one can travel a journey with him, because he isn't traveling. He can only speak to them as they pass by. His entire life is passing him by.. and all because he is SO comfortable he refuses to get down off that branch!

If he would allow himself to slip off the branch, he would fall into an abyss of  emotional issues that would cause him to change. But oh no.. he can't have that!!   He would then be forced to face up to some realizations in his life.. right before the finality of  Death (permanent transformations). Death forces him into maturing and letting go of those issues that he refuses to face... and for him sitting on that perch, unthinkable! Death is too final.. the Hanged Man is a blissful existence.

The closest thing that I can relate this to, is someone in jail. Time has been suspended for them to reflect and gain some type of spiritual enlightenment of what they've just went through. The problem is, if they are in that place too long, they become so comfortable, they lose skills. They may not even want to get out of that place and back into society because it's scary. What if they have to face what they've done?  What if they do it again?  Do they want to lose the security they have in there?  Too many emotional issues they'd have to face. So, they sit there... as time passes by.

So, reflecting back on the Hanged Man reminds me that sometimes, we do need to remove ourselves in order to gain, not only spiritual enlightenment, but a new perspective on what has happened. If we are there for too long.. in that place, it becomes a comfort zone, and we refuse to test the boundaries or to 'get down'. It's a refusal to experience life.  It suggests a delay in the maturing process and the person whom you are reading is allowing life to pass them by. That doesn't mean to totally forget the past (the six of cups is still to come in the journey and we can have the opportunity to revisit some of our better memories)... but  it does mean we  need to have spiritual enlightenment over what has just happened, perspectives need to be readjusted, priorities need to be reassesed and it's time to move past the pain that keeps us from growing.

See you soon, my lovelies :)


Celestia said...

Nice work on your cards, Chanel! Really like your take on the Hanged Man - and his "arrested development" issues :) I think your deck is going to be very popular.


Chanel said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments!! :) I do hope many people find the deck both beautiful and beneficial to their journey :)

I really appreciate your comments!